Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 Best Photoshop Web Design Tutorial

After Shared 8 Amazing Photoshop Tutorial Ever, now i will shared the second post about Photoshop Tutorial. Yeah this second post about photoshop tutorial is especially for web designer. because now i will share 5 Best Photoshop Web Design Tutorial.
If you're a professional web designer i think you can use photoshop program, so if you think you aren't a professional web designer, you can go to this link below to be a professional web designer with photoshop
5 Best Photoshop Web Design Tutorial
1. Photoshop Paper Texture from Scratch
Great web design photoshop tutorial
2. How to Create a Grunge Web Design
Great Grunge Photoshop Tutorial
3. Design an Awesome Band Website Template
Really amazing template, and you can do it with adobe photoshop cs
  4. Designing a CSS based template
Template for personal blog
5. Create a Dark Themed Web Design from Scratch
Dark themed Web Design from Scratch
Maybe thats it, 5 Best Photoshop Web Design Tutorial
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8 Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorial

8 Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorial
Hai guys, this is my first Photoshop CS5 Tutorial. Today i visited a site about photoshop tutorial. I think that's a great photoshop tutorial i had ever seen, so i think i must shared this photoshop CS5 tutorial to you.
Ok so this is it 8 Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorial Ever
1. 30 Ultra High End Photoshop Tutorial
40 Photoshop techniques and effects to help you add a splash of macabre to your work. 
2. 25 Photoshop Tutorial For Web Designer
Its a greatest Web Design Tutorial Ever
3. 2008 Most Useful Photoshop Tutorial For Professional Designer
Most useful photoshop tutorial, Great Photoshop Tutorial
4. Greatest Retro Photoshop Tutorial
The way to be a retro designer, Photoshop Tutorial
5. 50 Execellent Photography Photoshop Tutorial
Be a photo editor with this photoshop tutorial
6. 40 Greatest Web Design Interface With Photoshop Tutorial
A Web Design Interface photoshop Tutorial again!
7. 40 Beautiful Photoshop Grunge Tutorial
Grunge photoshop Tutorial
8. 50 Photoshop Creative Text Effect
Creative Text Effect With Photoshop
Ok maybe thats it the amazing photoshop tutorial, hope you like it.
Source : noupe
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Angry Birds Online

Play angry birds online for free
A million of people knew about this popular game, ya its called Angry Birds. You must pay for the full version game, or you can search the Full Version Angry Birds Game on google. But thats illegal, so i recommend to you just play Angry Birds Online Game. That's not significantly different, Angry Birds Online game is really same with the Angry Birds Original games.
So how to Play Angry Birds Online For Free.
Simple,  just click this link below to play angry birds game online for free 
Ok maybe that's it that i wanted to share to you, Angry Birds Online

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Zenni Optical - Buy 2 get 1 Free

Zenni optical is an eyeglasses seller website. I recommend this site to you if you want to bought an/some eyeglasses. Why?
Ok i will tell you why?
1. This site has launched "Buy 2 Get 1 Free Program"
Its a big promo right? For example, you've 1 child and doctor recommend she/he to wear an eyeglasses. And you and your wife is a glasses wearer too, i think you can bought 2 eyeglasses on Zenni Optical and because this program you'll get 1 other glasses. And you can give the extra glasess to your children. It save your money right?
2. There's a Thousand Kind's of Glasses
There's a thousand kind's of great Glasses. The price range is from $6 - $46, and there's a three prescription type. Single vision, bifocal, and Progressive. Zenni Optical is the #1 online eyeglasses store offering high quality complete $6.95 prescription eyeglasses.
There's a 5 kind's of eyeglasses on Zenni Optical :
  1. Full Rim
  2. Half Rim
  3. Rimless
  4. Shunshide
  5. and Google's
4 Shape :
  1. Rectangle
  2. Oval
  3. Aviator
  4. and Round
And there's many style of eye glasses :
  1. Acetate/Plastic
  2. Alumunium Aloy
  3. Leading Edge
  4. Memory Titanium
  5. Mixed material
  6. Stainless Steel
  7. Titanium
  8. and Valentine's Day
So What are you waiting for? Let's buy the best eyeglasses on Zenni Optical
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Angry Birds Season - Angry Birds Valentine's

Hello guys, after i didnt update jmy blog for maybe 2 weeks, now i will share a new Angry Birds Season Game, yeah Angry Birds Valentine's
Angry Birds Valentine's Free.

The Valentine Edition of Angry Birds brings 15 new levels, all are dedicated to Valentine’s Day. So-you-can find a lot of pink, hearts, very nice looking birds and pigs and a custom soundtrack. Besides the 15 new levels have once again gained golden eggs. Angry Birds seasons.

Angry Birds Seasons was developed for Android by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Package name : com.rovio..apk
File size: 14.5MB

Download Angry Birds Valentine Edition Android Game v1.2.0:

Angry Birds valentine, Angry Birds Valentine Free
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