Saturday, November 05, 2011

Google Adsense Not Appear On Your Blog?

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Hei guys now i will share a tutorial to you.
Yesterday one of my visitor give a comment on this post. He said "I have approved at google adsense, but the ads not appear on my blog". Now i will to try resolve his problem

1. Check your approved email first

The email maybe like this if youre approved
2. After check your email, now you must login to google adsense
3. In Google adsense click  "My Ads" tab

4. After that click URL Channel on the My Ads tab

5. After that click "new url channel"

6. Fill it with your blog address

7. After succesfull to add a channel, now create your ads. Customize the ads, choose the size etc. And then click "Get Code". After you get the code like this. Copy the code to your blog. Layout-Add HTML/Javascript-And then Paste the Code. And save template.
8. Wait 10-15 to get your ads appear on your blog.
Place your ads in the right Place,  the most clicked adsense place


  1. Hey i didnt mean that iwas telling that my adesence account was not approved

  2. Hmmmm oke im sorry, but do you have to create a channel on them?


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