Thursday, November 03, 2011

How To Approved At Google Adsense (100% Approved)

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For the second time i want to tell you that i've approved at google adsense, and now im feeling very happy. Please support me by clicking the ads. If you're my subscriber now i want to share to you how to approved at google adsense, and its work for me as you can see!! And this is really really free 100% Free!!
So what are you waiting for just read this post and prepare some snacks and coffe.
1. You must have a google mail or Gmail, if you doesnt you can create it here
2. Then register at or click here
3. After active your indyarocks account, now you must complete your profile at indyarocks! Just fill it completely. Dont forget to change your avatar (Optional)and Upload minimum 10 Photos to your own album. (Optional)
4. After you have complete the profile and upload some photos, now let make some posting. (Minimum 2 Posting in English Language) If you cant spoke english (Like me :p) you can copy-paste article from article directory but remember, you must write the source!!
5. After that let find some friends (Recommended) or you can add me
6. If you have complete all the step that i've given. Now is the time to register at Google Adsense
7. Fill the google adsense application
8. Click Sign Up Button
9. Wait for 2-5 days
10. Check your Email, are you approved or not?
11. And dont forget to update your status at Indyarocks (Recommended)
Sorry i cant give Screenshot because my internet connection is Poor but just trust me its really work. Whatever you think, what ever you say but trust me its really work
If you have approved at Google adsense Click Here to get the place for your ads with High Clicks!!


  1. Hey Yahya,
    I didn't understand that exactly what to do

    I had applied for adsense account and it was not approved for my blog now what to do please help me

  2. Hei nik, hmm can you upload a screenshot to me about the approved adsense email from google? I want to see your approved email. Or you maybe forgot to add a channel on google adsense. Do you have add a channel on them? Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand :p im just 15 years student from indonesia

  3. Yes, a channel before you place your ads on your blog. You must create a channel, if you doesnt know how to create a channel i will post it later. Keep updating bro

  4. hey ani one help me 4 google adsense

  5. Yea this post was really helpful for me. I got my account approved for my Link exchange directory. You can see the google adsense ads in action on my website at - Human Edited Directory.


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