Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My Blog Has Got Page Rank!!!

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Ohh my god i'm really surprised my 3 weeks years old blog has got Google Page Rank. Just 3 Weeks years Old Blog!!! Im really surprised, i dont know why? And i dont know how can i get the Page Rank? Maybe the server is error or not working properly, but after i check my page rank on different website and other website, the result is always :

Maybe the server is error :D

This is real? I dont know
You can see that? My page rank is 2, you can check it by your self. But maybe it because the Google Server is error, cause my blog is new, just 3 weeks years old since i create this blog and the e-mail too. If you got some information that Google Server has crashed, you can contact me. Because i cant believe this haha
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